About Me

Born in May 1954 in Córdoba, Argentina. He has studied in the School of Fine arts to the University of Córdoba. Soon Héctor begins to collaborate in different newspapers and magazines like illustrator and Comic Artist. In 1982 he has lived in Brazil where has published drawings in the newspaper " The fohla of Sao Paulo ". In 1983 he arrived in Italy, where besides continuing his film experience, he began to collaborate in the satiric supplement of the newspaper LA REPUBBLICA and in the creation of the magazine L' ANAMORFICO directed by Pino Zac and where Topor, Puig Rosado, Desclozeaux, Barbe, and Cardon were published. In 1986 he is transferred to Berlin where works like illustrator, Comics Author and cinematographer. In 1989 published the graphic novel BLUE TANGO, which protagonist is Paulo Funes, a melancholic detective who came to Berlin from a distant and cold south. He co-operates as illustrator with Langenscheidt, Spotlight Verlag, an many others. Like a freelance cinematographer, Héctor shot with many of Germany leading TV broadcasters, including ZDF, ARTE, and 3Sat. Also he worked on many project of Video Art and Animation Films. In Italy has published in “Storie”, " News Settimanale ", " Diario ", and the publishing house Leconte. Since 2007 he is German citizen.

Graphic Novel

Any resemblance to person living or dead is purely coincidental